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    Meet the Mods

    All of the mods for both Unbroken Bonds and Lilac Leaves are 18+


    Shipping Mod

    Tiff is a writer and artist who is currently armpits deep in fandom things. She works part-time at a fandom store and splits the rest of her time between her ongoing projects, her cat, and her significant other. Tiff is also a strong believer in, "everyone starts somewhere so why not start here?"

    Aside from being a self-published author, Tiff has been studying zine creation for over a year in preparation to create one. She has also created and modded several events including Shindeku Month (2nd annual Shindeku Month begins February!), BNHQ Month, and BNHA Quick Fic Exchange. Tiff has participated in so many events it would need a page of its own. She also mods six (!!!) Discord servers.

    Above all else, Tiff is passionate about this zine. She has constantly been putting her heart and soul into its creation since day one and will continue to do so until the last order has been shipped and received. Tiff strongly believes in the phenomenal team for this zine and knows that it will turn out top notch because of everyone's dedication and hard work.


    Finance Mod

    Vince is a Hongkonger who loves art and languages. She enjoys painting and drawing, playing the harmonica, and designing soundscapes with music and sound effects.

    She has managed finances for several school projects as well as a few of her personal charity enterprises. Currently, she is also the finance mod for other projects including the MiyuSawa Battery Zine and the Dabi Tarot.

    Taking part in this zine fills her with determination!


    2D Merch Mod
    Graphic Design
    Asst Art Mod
    Asst Shipping Mod
    Asst Social Media Mod

    Team Lead: Talking Smash

    Rem clocks in as the oldest on the mod team. They've worked in multiple print shops, done custom photo gifts and sublimation, been a custom card designer, and worked as a framer, an inventory manager, and a purchasing manager before.

    In their spare time they coo over cats on twitter, draw, and play way too many mobile games.

    This is their first zine project, but they hope to bring all their life experiences to help in their roles as merch and art mod! They can't wait to see this zine come to life with everyone.

    Rem is also Art Mod for the Journey's Beyond Zine.


    Art Mod
    Writing Mod
    Shipping Mod

    Blake is a creative soul who takes pleasure in taking part in as many creative endeavors as possible. He writes, does art, plays several different instruments, and has an assortment of cosplays.

    He loves the genre of crime fighting and solving mysteries, so it’s no wonder that most of the shows he watches involve superheroes.

    He learns fast and makes sure he delivers his best to the table. He may be newer to the zine process, but he works hard to help things run smoothly.


    Formatting Mod
    Asst Finance Mod

    Raye has spent xer whole life dedicated to art, and more specifically, fan art. Xe likes to draw, write, and otherwise create fan content for every fandom xe has ever hyper-fixated on. This is xer first zine experience, but xe has a mind for composition and mathematics that makes xer perfect for xer jobs. Xe even put together a lot of this website, to give you an idea of what xer work is like!

    Xe is currently in college pursuing a degree in Biology, owns one cat (Mügen, pictured above) who xe would much rather call xer son, and spends most of xer time drawing, writing, or sleeping. Xer favorite aspect of art is character design.


    Art Mod

    Misery is a digital artist who is pursuing an art degree.

    She’s a lover of animation and video games, and draws most of her inspiration from those! (Get it??)

    She is currently a mod for other projects such as Trends: SasuSaku Fashion Zine, Fodlan 2X77, Roaming Inquisitor: Caspar Zine, Paradise: Byhardt Zine, and a few more! She is honored and thrilled to be a part of this zine as well.

    Plus Ultra!


    Lilac Leaves Writing Mod

    Team Lead: Shy Friends

    Fanny is a writer with range, from sweet fluff and angsty pieces that can tug on your heartstrings to sexy love-making that can make you feel hot and bothered. He's an incoming college freshman with a chill student life, was an Editorial Writer back in Junior High School, and a Theater Play enthusiast - he never missed a year without playing a role.

    He's a contributor in the Corrupted Zine and the AfterDark Bang, as well as the Assisting Head Mod of Mind Control: An 18+ Shinsou Hitoshi Bang. Fanny is excited to be Lilac Leaves' Writing Mod and one of its Team Leads!


    3D Merch Mod

    Team Lead: Mind Jack

    Kii is a relative newbie to the zine scene, but she brings a wealth of exprience from her background in event planning and marketing. This includes managing kpop café events and running and curating an art exhibition.

    In terms of zines, she's currently a mod for Forever Home: an Erasermic Family Zine and Mind Control: an 18+ Shinsou Hitoshi Bang. This is her first physical zine!

    Outside of all this, she enjoys talking about music (particularly kpop and hyperpop), astrology, languages, and other anime.

    She can't wait to see how this zine comes together!


    Social Media Mod
    Communications Mod
    Asst. Writing Mod

    Team Lead: Bound Bois

    Writing junkie. Needs to write as much as you need to eat, sleep, and breathe. Lives in a Constant State of Tiredness. Is the emotional support human of a cat.

    After writing, organization is their next best skill. They were part of a writing club all through high school that they led their final year. They run the BNHA Meta Library on tumblr and are a writer for the Found Family for Human Disasters Zine.

    They are delighted to be of service for this zine!


    Asst. Writing Mod

    Cam is an absolute nerd who has embraced the BNHA fandom wholeheartedly. They have been writing since before high school, however, they have only just recently started posting their works for the world to enjoy, diving head first into the spicier side of fanfiction. They’ve dabbled in about as many creative avenues as they can get their hands on, from photography and digital art to crochet and cosplay. They have two emotional support cats and a bearded dragon that silently judges them.

    Cam is currently a contributor in the Electric Love and Thunderstruck zines as an NSFW writer for both. This is their first time as a mod and they can’t wait to bring their passion and bubbly optimism to the team!



    Team Lead: Best Bois

    Hey, it’s Jessie! I am super excited to be a part of the Unbroken Bonds zine team! I’ve been reading manga since I was in middle school, but it wasn’t till recently that I found fandom and I’m so glad I did! I’m a huge supporter of all the creators I’ve come across in fandom and now I get to work some with them!



    I'm Addie! I'm a med student, and I write a lot in my free time. I power through my days with mainly caffeine and sugar. I've recently gotten back into the BNHA fandom and I'm so glad to be working with everyone on this zine!


    Team Lead: Sleepy Sunshine

    Leon is a freelance artist, graduated illustrator and currently storyboard student, while also learning to navigate this world. He worked as a contributor in zines before but this is his first time taking a peek at the behind-the-scenes of a zine!

    Lilac Leaves Contributors

    Guest Contributors


    Unbroken Bonds Contributors

    Guest Contributors


    Zine Schedule

    Interest Check11/06 - 11/20
    Mod Apps11/21 - 12/05
    Contributor Apps12/15 - 01/20
    Contributor Acceptance Emailed01/22
    Concept Turn-In01/27 - 02/05
    Check-In #102/19
    Check-In #203/12
    Check-In #304/12
    Check-In #405/10
    Final Submission06/06
    Pre-Order Period08/01 - 09/01
    Shipping PeriodTBD


    Who are the mods?
    You can meet them here!


    Is there a theme for this zine?
    The only theme is ShinDeku!


    What was the minimum age requirement for application?
    At least 16 to apply for our SFW zine Unbroken Bonds and at least 18 to apply to our NSFW zine Lilac Leaves.


    How many total contributors were accepted?
    We accepted a total of 32 Artists and 20 Writers for this project!
    Unbroken Bonds: 18 Artists + 14 Writers
    Lilac Leaves: 14 Artists + 6 Writers


    Who are the contributors?
    Here is our SFW Unbroken Bonds team!
    Here is the NSFW Lilac Leaves team!


    Will this be a physical or a digital zine?


    Is this a for profit or for charity zine?
    Charity! All profits will be donated to the Marsha P Johnson Institute which helps Black trans lives. 💜


    How will contributors be compensated?
    All contributors 18+ are eligible to receive both digital pdf zines (Unbroken Bonds + Lilac Leaves). Contributors 17- will be restricted to the SFW Unbroken Bonds only.

    In addition, all contributors are eligible for a free physical copy of whichever zine they created content for.

    All merch artists are eligible to receive a free copy of any merch they designed.


    My question isn't answered here. Where can I ask?
    Check our social media links below! We recommend CuriousCat or Twitter.

    About the Zine

    ⚜ Unbroken Bonds focuses on Shinsou Hitoshi and Izuku Midoriya and their entangled relationship.

    We accept canon or AU content.


    ⚜ More information can be found on our FAQ page. Feel free to message us on our socials as well if you can't locate your answer there!

    ⚜ We accepted 18 Artists and 14 Writers for our SFW Unbroken Bonds main zine. It will feature work ranging from platonic to romantic in nature.
    Meet the Unbroken Bonds team here!


    ⚜ We accepted 14 Artists and 6 Writers for our 18+ NSFW Lilac Leaves supplemental zine. It will feature Boudoir/Suggestive, NSFW ship content, and light kinks.
    Meet our Lilac Leaves team here!